for an ornamental plant, its uniqueness is able to make anyone amazed especially if it is used to decorate the courtyard terrace with a nice arrangement. Keep the pot in a well-lit environment but not in direct sunlight as well lit environment promotes its growth very well but direct harsh sunlight will damage the plant. The method basically comes into use when the cuttings don’t have grown their roots. If you are planning it to grow indoors there is one major thing you should keep in mind that the leaves of the alocasia plant are toxic if eaten, if you have little kids in your home you should be pretty aware of it. The largest individual flower in the world is also one of the foulest smelling … Growing 1 to 2 feet tall foliage is usually 1 foot longer or more. You care that rhizomes should be above the topsoil layer to insure the plant’s growth. You won’t have to wait for them to root owing to their own little root system and that is the most congenial part about dividing the clumps. It always demands evenly moist soil, do not underwater as it makes the surface dry and overwatering makes it soggy. The flowers also have an amazing fruit like smell when in flower. The Easy-to-Grow Alocasia Odora Will Make your Home Smell Incredible While staying indoors does help to shield us from the current pandemic, it can get pretty lonely and dull. A great species for indoors or for out side in containers for summer. It is good to start a day with gusto. The calcium oxalate has crystals that leech into the tissues of your dog’s skin and mouth which causes injury to your dog’s mouth. If you are planning to get one for your home or garden, here are a few important growing and caring tips for you. As the water evaporates, you should refill the water every few months and can use liquid, organic plan fertilisers to ensure its proper growth. Proper watering is a very important aspect of Alocasia polly and Alocasia amazonica care, so be sure to take some time to figure out a watering schedule that works for this plant. I hope they prove to be helpful for you. This blog is owned by FlowerAdvisor florist Singapore. You need to avoid wet plant media to avoid root rot. Yet, we can also place the clumps separated from the main plant by putting it into water. $6.99 shipping. Fill the vase base with natural water as it contains chlorine & minerals for a full day, ensure that roots are completely submerged. It may take a while to show its growth as it has been transplanted. And several other types of Alocasia will die if the temperature or weather is too cold, which is below 59°F. Tropical Plant. It has large, beautiful, and sizable leaves and does also produce flowers occasionally but that is not its striking feature. A rhizome is a part from which the root grows while planting the plant. Propagating Alocasia | Water propagation. Usually, it’s not necessary to repot it every year as they love the cramped environment, you should repot it every 2 years, in autumn and spring as they are the most favorable time to repot it. You just have to show a bit of patience to see it nurture. Depending on the variety, you could end up with a splash of red, bronze or e… It is a dwarf, clump-forming, compact plant that grows 3 to 4 ft. tall and wide. . Alocasia plants prefer tight spots so do not repot it very often. These plants require very little attention but sometimes it may prove to be challenging as they can grow very large in size and may die if not maintained properly. Required fields are marked *. Alocasia Odora itself has a beautiful flower with a distinctive smell at night. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t place the clumps you separated from your mother Alocasia plant in water. My name is Alvar Nia, I am Administration Bussiness graduate. My partner likes to describe it as: At first, a hint of peach hits the nose but quickly turns to a floral rose smell, once again quickly transforming as it enters the lungs, settling as a concentrated Freizia extract that leaves your eyes searching in the wrong direction for that little white/yellow cluster of freizia that couldn't possibly arrive this late! The seeds will ripen and pop open. To tackle this problem, you should isolate the plant for a few days, after that you can use a commonly practiced remedy, that is removing it by hand using a swab of alcohol dip cotton. The rapid leaf growth will be quite diminshed and the plant will likely remain as-is throughout the season. When neglected and given insufficient light, it can cause the leaves to droop. Many flowers from members of this family emit a scent to attract bait insects that help fertilization by transporting pollen from plant to plant. Leave them alone and they will form seeds in the lower chamber. You can water it twice a day by adjusting the soil conditions. The flowers are pink to maroon in color with a fragrant smell. Now pot the plant, Let the topsoil be dry for some time, and then add water to it. It is a spathe flower much like a Peace lily flower. And then it may just keep flowering for a while. Everything if it starts with a good foundation, its growth will be good too. Foliage Dark green velvet foliage white veins Flowers 8 inches tall or so white and has a great smell Height 1 to 2 feet tall Tropical Garden Garden Bulbs Colocasia Plant Tattoo Outdoor Gardens Container Gardening Lawn And … We had this happen and then it stopped growing new leaves for a while! Foliage: Narrow, thick leaves up to 7 inches long with white to pink spots. The flowers also have an amazing fruit like smell when in flower. How to Grow Sunflowers From Seeds Indoors and Outdoors, How to Grow Bougainvillea Very Effectively, How to Put Devil’s Ivy Plant in the Aquarium, How to Keep Alive of Potted Plant in Winter, Anthurium Plowmanii Choices for Home Decor. Alocasia flowers are borne readily in upright clusters throught the growing season as a spath type flower and have a mild to fragrent smell depending on the species. It might be flimsy fresh fruity, and soft sweet honey. When you see the popping of new leaves, after a while, it is a sign that propagation was successfully done. Once the plant is in its dormant period (in the late fall and winter), it will begin resting. Growing alocasia plants indoors is not a tough task, you have to replicate the outdoor conditions, which is a warm, humid, and well-lit environment. . Most of the growth of Alocasia Odora leaves is facing upwards due to the leaf stems that extend to the leaves so that the direction of the leaves follows the stem line. Growing 1 to 2 feet tall foliage is usually 1 foot longer or more. Differences and similarities of Alocasia Odora and Colocasia gigantea: Of course, care/maintainance is needed so that the growth would be optimal and good even though the treatment is classified as easy maintenance. They are members of the Aroid family, which encompasses plants with some of the most attractive foliage available to gardeners. FlowerAdvisor came about due to the prominent absence of a single strong brand in Asia for International Flower Delivery. I recommend trying Alocasia Calidora for first time growers but remember to leave room in your garden because you will have to have more. Keeping or decorating with houseplants not only brings your home to life, it also boosts your mood. We provide articles about gifts, flowers, tips, and special promo. The flowers are more or less like Alocasia flowers. 7 Wonderful Gift Hampers That You Can Get Online in Singapore, Lavender Meaning and Symbolism in Various Forms, The Gorgeous Chinese Flowers – Plum Blossom, The Best Guide to Grow and Care for The Spider Plant, 15 Mothers Day Gift Ideas For The Wonderful Women, Chinese New Year – Greetings, Celebrations And Gifts, Top 11 Popular Spring Flowers and Their Plantation, Chinese Perfume Tree Facts – Aglaia Odorata, Bluebells Description & Less Known Informational, Aglaonema – The Decorative Chinese Evergreen Plant, Grow Your Knowledge on the Indoor Plant Calathea, Alocasia cucullata – also known as “buddha palm”, Alocasia macrorrhiza – It is popular because of its flower also known as “Giant Taro”. Garden Rare 100pcs Alocasia lowii 'Polly amazonica' Indoor Plant Ornamental Plant Seeds Easy to Grow, Exotic Flower Seeds Hardy Perennial Garden. It has a banana or kiwi smell. Like all elephant ears, Odora does have blooms that develop in the long, warm days and nights of late spring through summer. Online users struggle to discover a trusted 24-hour delivery flower site that can send flowers, hampers, and gifts to their loved ones anywhere in the world. See, I’m human too. Your email address will not be published. There are more than 50 varieties of Alocasia plants found in the world, some of the most common and popular varieties are-. Small young Alocasia Plants are unable to maintain more than a few leaves. Elephant ear plants do not tolerate drought or salinity. if it is plant on the plot, the growth will not be as big as Alocasia Odora planted in a garden or in the yard that has larger area. The sense of smell of insects is better than that of humans. Continue to care for it, and the rapid growth will return the following growing season. Generally the leaves of Colocasia droop or do not grow upward because the petiole is connected downward. Reproduction of Alocasia Odora by producing rhizomes and tubers. 3.3 out of 5 stars 50. The compost will provide better nutrition, and the rice husks are able to keep water so that we don’t need to water them as much as posible and giving rice husks to the planting medium will help better drainage. Freesia flower smells like a soft and fresh, similar smell like distant strawberry fields that blown off. They flower may die off. Many of these large species and hybrids have giant hastate like leaves that point upward and grow 4 to 5 feet long. Use well-aerated loose soil to show that airflow could be maintained if the soil is too hard to add a little proportion of sandy soil and mix it with loamy soil and peat. You should restrict watering it in the winters as it transpires very less in this time. Along with Alocasia Polly or Poly, Alocasia Alligator and African Mask, Alocasia Amazonica is only the plant’s common name and the origin of the plant and its name is quite interesting. It is why we recommend some green therapy. Keep the plant in a bright spot where there is a presence of indirect sunlight. You can also prepare your own mixed soil with soil, compost, raw rice husks or roasted rice husks. Alocasia Odora itself has a beautiful flower with a distinctive smell at night. The new growth will be beautiful too. Rafflesia Arnoldii. FACTS. $11.80 $ 11. The calla lily-like flowers are produced intermittently, last two to three weeks, and have a slight banana smell. Repeat this process for a few days until you get rid of them. Growing any plant indoors is a challenging task in itself, but plants that don’t need intense exposure to sunlight can easily thrive in indoor conditions like the Alocasia plant, they grow very well in the right conditions and even can produce a new leaf every other day. Happy reading! With a stunning green color and leaf that looks like a heart. Whenever Alocasia Stingray receives light, it receives energy for photosynthesis too. Once the soil is ready, plant your alocasia offset and make sure that its rhizomes should be above the topsoil, (rhizome is a part from which the root system grows) water the soil evenly, and do not overwater it as that will restrict the airflow to the roots and may cause the root rot. The uniquely of it besides having large leaves like elephant ears, it can grow up to 2 meters tall, it is amazing isn’t it? Black Velvet Alocasia Reginula Live Elephant Ear Plant. Then what is the differences between them both? So provide the soil that is porous but rich in nutrients/humus. Like mildew that attacks homes, mildew on your Alocasia is a fungal disease, caused by high humidity levels. If so, you need to take immediate action to treat the root rot to save your plant. It is so interesting to know this Alocasia Odora, a plant that can grow so big because some plants have a similar shape to it. Use Organic fertilizer with neem extracts into it once every 2 months which will provide it optimum nutrition and prevent it from fungus and bugs. So during summers if you put it into the garden or terrace it will thrive and may produce the rare alocasia flower also. It is easy to grow Colocasia in tropical and semi-tropical areas, but they can also be grown in cold regions, though they become dormant during the winters. Alocasia thrives indoors or outdoors at a range of temperatures, but it’s fussy when it comes to soil, feeding and watering. Now, add a mixture of sandy soil, loamy soil, peat and little amount of fertile into the pot and make sure the soil should be loose, because the hard part of the soil restricts the growth of root into it, this mixture of soil restricts the growth of tropical plants like alocasia. For growing it well, it needs to be potted into a big pot which provides its root good room to grow further, it grows very well in summers. In my experience, this has caused a rank smell coming from the container. The flowers smell like citrus! These were a few tips and tricks for caring and growing the alocasia plant. I write everything in here are about flowers, because its my daily activity for past 3 years that related to Gardening, Planting, and Repairing it which caused by pest, weather or sometimes we make mistakes while having treatment of plants. And depending of the place it has planted as well. Alocasia Odora really likes humidity places, but that does not mean that the soil medium that is prepared has to be wet. Foliage Dark green velvet foliage white veins Flowers 8 inches tall or so white and has a great smell … Of course, care/maintainance is needed so that the growth would be optimal and good even though the treatment is classified as easy maintenance. The flowers also have an amazing fruit like smell when in flower. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Alocasia are a group of plants in the araceae family. Alocasia is a humid loving plant, keep it in a bright spot and mist it often or you can also use pebble trey or electric humidifier as it needs ample humidity to thrive in indoor conditions. If you plant it in the garden, you only need to trim the parts that don’t look good so they look good as always. Have a gentle smell around the base of your plant to see if you can smell rotting roots. Watering is a very essential part to ensure the growth of alocasia plants. Garden Care. Partial shade is a very suitable place for this plant. Foliage Dark green velvet foliage white veins Flowers 8 inches tall or so … $25.99 $ 25. Most of the Alocasia is inedible because some have toxins that will be harmful if its eaten. Give high quality fertilizer about twice a week so that Alocasia Odora can thrive. Like many people, I was seduced by the dark green, glossy leaves with sharply contrasting veins, as well as by the striking shape and form of the leaves.