Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is about many things, but one of them is the pure joy of imagination: artistry for artistry's sake, and the way that who we are and what we… As the other token minority of the titular triangle, Earl appears in the film to perpetuate some lower class black stereotypes for comedic relief; disappears; reappears to jive talk some sense into Greg; disappears; reappears to save Greg from a lunchroom brawl despite them being on the outs; then disappears again. Rachel has agency here too, having to deal with her illness in a way which is stoical while still true to who she really is. "Me and Earl" wants to be a part of that genre without bothering to create characters that live. Parents need to know that Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is an irreverent, heartfelt, thoughtful, and very funny dramedy based on the same-named book by Jesse Andrews. Review by iana ★★★★½ 2. still slaps why lie. Review: Honest Thief Is a Dried-Out Rehash of the Liam Neeson Actioner. [This is a re-post of my Me and Earl and the Dying Girl review from the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Besides, such commentary has been done before, and it's been done much better. Equally, Greg's distance from Rachel is not just temporal, it is emotional; he cannot comprehend the right thing to say with confronted by something so serious, because pretending and being flippant is all he knows. Rated PG-13 The other nice touch to the film is the role of the adults, who are just as emotionally inept as their offspring if not sometimes slightly worse. By making filmmaking such a focal point of the story - or at least, such a prominent means of moving the plot forward - Gomez-Rejon makes a point about just how emotionally powerful storytelling and narrative memory can be. One of Greg's narrations mentions how despite their disparate socioeconomic backgrounds, they still have the same taste in films and adventurous foods, and I was hoping there would be more to Earl's character/upbringing/aspirations and Greg's perception of him that could foil his knee-jerk obsession of typing all the other cliques at his school. I just feel like, you know, for a kid like me in high school, best case scenario, just survive. The way that all the adults seem either apathetic towards the kids' plight or dealing with it in all the wrong ways pushes us towards Greg, Earl and Rachel, if nothing else to give us comfort that we may deal with a similar situation in a better fashion. Saying it don't make it so. Regal In re Madison: she's a nice-hot girl, and Greg is the stand-in for every "nice-insecure guy" who resents the "friendzone." I don't know you. Who is Earl? Forgot your password? This is not a film full of sanitised, model teenagers played by people in their 30s - it's a film made to resonate with people the age of its protagonists, at least in its approach to their interaction. Other than that acquisitive movie-mad mindset, it is a pandering, self-flattering mess, featuring unearned catharsis, lazy clichés and characters presented in broad, sometimes-offensive stereotypes. Me and Earl may not be the most groundbreaking film in its treatment of this condition of modern youth, but it is among the more honest and naturalistic offerings in this field. That line mentioned earlier, "Please appreciate how honest I just was," sums up the systemic problems with "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl." Invoking the example of Gus van Sant's Restless, I said that "if the film is about, say, a cancer patient, the patient will look as healthy and as well-fed as any member of the cast before suddenly declining in the final reel and popping their clogs." The worst part is that "Me and Earl" believes it is aware of all of this. Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. The drizzle and fog may make for a great mood setting film but I prefer to be watching the movie rather than getting frizzy hair making a moody movie. One critic friend argued that Me and Earl and the Dying Girl panders to a high-brow audience with the constant references to classic films and the … | Rating: 5/5 Poignant without being melodramatic, overflowing with unforced charm, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl holds a unique appeal that's certain to last. sexual content, drug material, language and some thematic elements, Spike Lee Receives American Cinematheque Award, America Has to Come to a Reckoning: Director Sam Pollard on MLK/FBI, The TV Homages of WandaVision are an Amusing, Unfulfilling Distraction. I found myself relishing the skill of the cast and laughing at the sharply turned dialogue while wincing at the self-consciousness of the storytelling and the self-congratulatory pop-culture references. All rights reserved. Beautifully scripted and perfectly cast, Me & Earl & the Dying Girl is a coming-of-age movie with uncommon charm and insight. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. I also recommend watching the movie. Other cursing includes s**t and one use of f**k. The post-modern technique of drawing attention to Hollywood cliché to make a point about how un-Hollywood your story is has long started to grate, whether it's in a visual motif or a line delivered by the characters. The film has received positive reviews from critics. An awkward high-school senior (Thomas Mann) and a gravely ill classmate (Olivia Cooke) surprise themselves by becoming inseparable friends. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is a tender and charming independent effort which overcomes its irritating opening to leave us genuinely moved. No, I don't think that. Cinemark | Rating: 2.5/4 Review: This Is Not a Movie Is a Smart, Clear-Eyed Tribute to Robert Fisk. All Critics (212) Lovely, hilarious, terrific enrichment of already-good source material. The further the picture progresses, the more it fizzles and flounders. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 81%, based on 211 reviews, with an average of 7.57/10. For no other reason, apparently, he lives in squalor on a terrifying-looking street of derelict houses, overrun by weeds, and has a scary aggressive brother with a pit bull. You know, I'm terminally awkward and I have a face like a little groundhog. I enjoyed the plot of following Greg a socially awkward teen through an unexpected tragedy with Rachel, a girl he thought he'd never be friends with. Learning to live in the world, to recognize that others exist, that your actions have consequences, is a part of growing up. Later, when Greg has hurt Rachel's feelings, Earl steps up in a big way, showing that he has more common sense and more of an understanding of what is at stake for Rachel than Greg does. This sets Me and Earl and the Dying Girl apart as a story of friendship, not one of romantic love. Gomez-Rejon directs assuredly, balancing his life of his chosen art form with a desire to keep the characters at the centre, and he is ably complimented by a trio of good performances from his three leads. There are a couple of issues with the film, besides its snarky opening, which prevent from being a total success. But the tragedy that awaits or doesn’t, at the culmination point is going to leave your mind impassioned with emotions. | Top Critics (56) Review: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. There are moments that flash with humor, like Greg filling out his college application in the voice of Werner Herzog. Here, though, there is another, often more irritating problem: many independent films go out of their way to make death as quirky or pretentious as possible, and we come to hate the ailing characters so much that it takes all our moral courage to not shout "hurry up and die!". It isn't a Hollywood treatment of illness, with all the edges taken off, but neither does it try to be edgy or radical by shoving her symptoms down our throats in a desperate bid to induce empathy through shock. Their confrontation towards the end of the film is a tearing down of emotional walls, releasing anger and compassion that neither character entirely knew that they were capable of feeling. Sheila O'Malley received a BFA in Theatre from the University of Rhode Island and a Master's in Acting from the Actors Studio MFA Program. In my review of Still Alice, I complained about the way that Hollywood films often depict life-threatening illness, seeking to preserve the glamour of the actor or actress in question rather than trying to capture a believable portrayal of whatever disease they may have. Some other pretty glaring character development holes are Earl's and Madison's. |, December 31, 2015 Has Greg seen/touched the "titties" yet? Five stars for this Great Film. Greg does not even know Rachel, but he shows up at her house, and is immediately lusted over by Rachel's boozy mother (Molly Shannon), who answers the door with a drink in her hand, cooing about who is this "delicious," "yummy" young man. All three leads - Thomas Mann, R.J. Cyler, and Olivia Cooke - turn in strong performances, and while the movie could easily be cloying or derivative of countless others with this sort of subject, it somehow avoids all that. What's his take? Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is a tender and charming independent effort which overcomes its irritating opening to leave us genuinely moved. In "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl," the "girl" of the title devotes the ending stretch of her life into making a young guy she never knew before feel good about himself and his artistic pursuits. PG-13 (Language|Drug Material|Sexual Content|Some Thematic Elements), drama, Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! At one point he says, "Please appreciate how honest I just was." Mann is wonderfully grounded and effortlessly charming as the film’s protagonist. Jun 12, 2015. | Rating: 4.0/4.0 They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. How does he feel about the films they watch? Greg and Earl work on their films because it is the only means they have of expressing their feelings towards each other; it is an adolescent form of engagement, which Earl grows out of by the end of the film, with their friendship endings as their means of communication is removed. Earl is black. When I reviewed The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I complained that the film's characters were "frustratingly smug", with writer-director Stephen Chbosky going to great (and clunky) lengths to prove how well-versed he was about music and teenagers. | Rating: B- | Rating: B+ "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" presents itself as a more authentic version of "The Fault in Our Stars." They talk. But Rachel doesn't get completely short-changed in the way that Zooey Deschanel did in (500 Days of) Summer; she's still a well-written character whose actions are more than mere plot machinations. There's no romance between the confused guy and the dying girl. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is now among a select few films that have truly touched me on a personal level. Earl speaks with profanity-laced language, and constantly asks Greg about Rachel's "titties." comedy, June 10, 2016 Me and Earl And the Dying Girl gets a lot of backlash while books like John Green's Fault in Our Stars are praised. Or, rather, Greg talks, and she listens. The problem is the lead character: he's a miserable bastard with no right to be miserable who continues to be miserable even when he meets someone who has a right to be miserable but isn't. It's about Greg. Coming Soon. He and Earl decide to make a movie for Rachel, a tribute, and they hurry to finish it before she dies. Gomez-Rejon and Andrews walk a thin line between deploying and subverting tired tropes, but their message is ultimately one of empathy, which makes Me and Earl and the Dying Girl worthwhile. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. Where Me and Earl begins to score points in a more universal fashion is in its treatment of Rachel's illness. Check out the trailer of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl here: Rachel has one moment of whimsy when she mimics Greg's "subhuman" convulsions, but it's so early on, and we don't really see her transcend beyond Greg's erstwhile categorization of her as "Boring Jewish Girl Subset 2A" until the end, I guess, when her book sculptures reveal her romantic, creative, perhaps even tortured side, but even that emotional epiphany is more Greg's. "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl", tác phẩm ăn khách của Sundance (đoạt cả Giải Khán giả và Giải Ban giám khảo lớn), do Alfonso Gomez-Rejon đạo diễn , với kịch bản của , dựa trên cuốn tiểu thuyết bán chạy Despite being cobbled together from so many familiar pieces, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl feels wholly unique and is one of the best movies of the year. Survive without creating any mortal enemies or hideously embarassing yourself forever. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. |. It isn't as good as Still Alice, and much of it is rooted in very familiar territory, but as an antidote to Hollywood's continuing attitude to illness, it is a very welcome offering. The problem with the Dying Girl trope is that she has no other identity besides strength-and-detachment-derived-from-cancer. |, April 11, 2020 |, December 30, 2015 Me and Earl and the Dying girl is about a teen girl who gets cancer and the main characters mum asks him to spend time with her and they develop a heart-warming relationship. Latest news about Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, starring Connie Britton, Nick Offerman, Jon Bernthal and directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon. (This is also a cliché: the black sidekick understanding more about matters of the heart than the white lead.). One of the main reference points for the film is Be Kind Rewind, Michel Gondry's film from nine years ago in which Jack Black and Mos Def have to re-enact old Hollywood films after accidentally wiping all the tapes in a rental shop. It’s that sharply funny, touching and vital. | Fresh (172) A young boy is forced to become friends with a dying girl in his school in a huge 2015 Sundance film. Hot girls destroy your life. Sometimes, I think it's easier for actors to bawl uncontrollably than to try to NOT cry, and Cooke's big eyes well up for the duration of several, long uncut shots, but they never overflow. The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. If you were a teenage girl dying of cancer, with a group of supportive friends already, a terrified mother, and a unique artistic sensibility of your own (which we discover later), how would you like to spend your last months on earth? There's plenty to like here, but the movie focuses on the least interesting person on the screen, a curious choice considering we're talking life and death. One last thing. Their companionship, which blends sympathy and a sense of distance, is very touching, and the more time we spend with them the more we find ourselves enjoying their company, even amongst the odd line or action which causes us to roll our eyes in derision. You know? They hang out. I guess everyone's trying to figure out how to like, twerk....medievally. "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl," the baffling Sundance hit (it won both the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prize), directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, with a script by Jesse Andrews, based on his best-selling novel, features two teenage characters obsessed with the Great Movies. It can keep unfolding itself to you just as long... just as long as you pay attention to it. Every cliché arrives with a wink of self-knowing commentary before it, to say, "Yes, we know this is a cliche, but we are making a comment about the cliché!" Alfonso Gomez-Rejon's film is a beautiful mix of wonderful things. "Me And Earl And The Dying Girl" perfectly synthesizes Wes Anderson and John Hughes's filmic tones, earnestly gutpunches the audience's collective heart with honest pathos, and achieves a bullseye in the follow-through of nearly every joke … He's the one who gets to judge her motives as controlling or disingenuous or oblivious when there's no backing for such projections since her motives are never made clear from a storytelling angle in the first place. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. But while Anderson used it as the basis for an off-puttingly clinical study of his characters, Gomez-Rejon uses it to promote what good qualities his young leads have. Sign up here. |, January 10, 2020 “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” is about growing up, facing death, making and losing friends and other rites of passage, but it’s also, and more … Copyright © Fandango. Cinemark This book is criticized by my friends and I think they don't understand the effect it has on me and why my take is different. |, December 31, 2015 Read our Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Review. Go away.". Only one of … Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is a fun frolic into the lives of Greg, Earl and Rachel. Rachel is confused as to why Greg is there, annoyed even, and Greg begs to be allowed to hang out with her, just for one day, so he can report back to his mother. But it isn't honest at all. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" is crude, lewd, silly, heartbreaking, sweet, cynical, honest, and too smart for its own good. Coming Soon. Me and earl and the dying girl This book is kinda depressing nothing interesting really happens Rachel and Greg do not become lovers it is like a way less romantic, less touching, less excellent, version of the fault in our stars this book was good but not great. Hinton, and, more recently, John Green, all wrote books featuring teenagers who have to learn, sometimes painfully, that who they are has meaning, that they have to be responsible for themselves, and kind to others. In fact, everything that happens in the film is about Greg. Gomez-Rejon's latest is a brave piece of filmmaking that blends humor and heartbreak, while also presenting an inspiring tale of personal growth. | Rating: 2.5/4 Coming Soon, Regal A must watch! It's about Greg. I loved this movie so much. A great movie that shines in pretty much everything, from its charming approach to the highly effective demystifying humor. The ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL Kool-Aid: I haz drunk. Sundance Film Review: ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’ Enthusiastically received at Sundance, this cancer-themed dramedy has the potential to outperform last year's 'The Fault in Our Stars.' The big noise from this year's Sundance Film Festival, "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl," is a weaselly liar of a movie. Iffy stuff includes masturbation references and Earl, the main characters best friend says "titties" frequently. There's a laziness at work in "Me and Earl," a reliance on well-trod ground and over-chewed cultural tropes, and perhaps it is supposed to be that way (these are kids who see everything through the lens of their movie-watching), but it still doesn't work. | Rating: 6/10 Fortunately, the film very quickly abandons this approach and settles into a pleasant rhythm which is offbeat without drawing attention to itself. Greg (Thomas Mann) is a detached and depressive teenager, who resists emotional involvement to such a degree that he can't even admit that his best friend since childhood, Earl (RJ Cyler), is his best friend. Earl is another problem. Probably one of the funniest YA novels I've had the pleasure of reading. On the whole, the movie is funnier, more sardonic, more artsy (with all its movie remakes), and less saccharine than TFIOS, so it does have that going for it. Another girl-with-cancer movie from around the same time as "The Fault In Our Stars," but I liked it a wee better by virtue of it delivering on its promise that it wouldn't be a love story. Fortunately, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is not one of these films; instead it overcomes its early snarkiness to end up as surprisingly tender. While the central three characters are believable, many of the high school scenes feel like the director settling for convention; they don't play an enormous role in the film, and you get the impression that Gomez-Rejon was happy filling them with stereotypes if it meant he could get them done and dusted more quickly. But he does it very well, bringing emotional warmth and believability to what in other hands could be an exercise in total indulgence. The spectacularly poignant ending, complete with growth, insight, and truth, will rip you apart and just as rebuild you. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. One of the criticisms of Me and Earl has been that the film uses the illness of its female character to tell a very male story.