He is the brother-in-law of Craig Bartlett. [57], Although The Tracey Ullman Show was not a big hit,[58] the popularity of the shorts led to a half-hour spin-off in 1989. [50] At the time Groening was primarily drawing in black and "not thinking that [Bart] would eventually be drawn in color" gave him spikes that appear to be an extension of his head. His Norwegian American mother, Margaret Ruth (née Wiggum; March 23, 1919 – April 22, 2013),[6] was once a teacher, and his German Canadian father, Homer Philip Groening (December 30, 1919 – March 15, 1996),[7] was a filmmaker, advertiser, writer and cartoonist. In 2016, Groening developed a new series for Netflix titled Disenchantment, which premiered in August 2018. Matt Groening Net Worth. [60] The half-hour series premiered on December 17, 1989 with "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire", a Christmas special. Søn af far Homer Philip Groening og mor Margaret Ruth er en komiker, skribent & tegneserietegnersom i 2020 blev berømt for The Simpsons & Futurama. Groening's writing credits for the show are for the premiere episode, "Space Pilot 3000" (co-written with Cohen), "Rebirth" (story) and "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" (story). In the middle-1980s, he shifted to LA and started sketching a comic remove named “Existence in Hell”, which ultimately became released in the newspapers where he worked well. Married – Unknown. In a situation similar to Family Guy, however, strong DVD sales and very stable ratings on Adult Swim brought Futurama back to life. Father of Private; Private and Private. The couple divorced in 1999. [48] Marge's distinct beehive hairstyle was inspired by Bride of Frankenstein and the style that Margaret Groening wore during the 1960s, although her hair was never blue. Groening is credited with writing or co-writing the episodes "Some Enchanted Evening", "The Telltale Head", "Colonel Homer" and "22 Short Films About Springfield", as well as The Simpsons Movie, released in 2007. The few gave birth with their first kid, Nathaniel Philip Picasso Groening in-may 2013. He still draws the ear as a 'G' when he draws pictures of Homer for fans. He married Deborah Caplan 1986 . Husband of Private. Matt Groening is an American cartoonist, writer, producer, animator, and voice actor. [45] He requested his name be taken off the episode.[69]. Deborah is a publisher. Matt is stepfather to Agustina’s daughter, Camille. [32] Among the fans of the column was Harry Shearer, who would later become a voice on The Simpsons. Groening also owns a Malibu beachfront home he bought for $8.5 million in the year 2000. [101] Groening received the 2002 National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award, and had been nominated for the same award in 2000. The show continued in to 2013,[75][76] before Comedy Central announced in April 2013 that they would not be renewing it beyond its seventh season. A team of production companies adapted The Simpsons into a half-hour series for the Fox Broadcasting Company. [10], Matt's grandfather, Abraham Groening, was a professor at Tabor College, a Mennonite Brethren liberal arts college in Hillsboro, Kansas before moving to Albany College (now known as Lewis and Clark College) in Oregon in 1930. "[45], Maggie Groening has co-written a few Simpsons books featuring her cartoon namesake. Their marriage lasted for twelve years whereby their divorce was finalized in 1999. In 2011, Groening married Argentine artist Agustina Picasso after a four-year relationship and became stepfather to her daughter Camila Costantini. 137 England 2019. [15] Soon afterward, Caplan and Groening left and put together the Life in Hell Co., which handled merchandising for Life in Hell. They had 2 children: Camille Picasso and Nathaniel Philip Picasso Groening. In May 2013, Picasso gave birth to Nathaniel Philip Picasso Groening who was named after American writer Nathanael West. They … [23], In 1977, at the age of 23, Groening moved to Los Angeles to become a writer. About. By coincidence, they chose "Abraham", unaware that it was the name of Groening's grandfather. He was the founding guitarist of Skyhooks in 1973 and joined Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons in 1975. On 15-2-1954 Matt Groening (nickname: Matthew Abram Groening, Bat Groening, Mad Groening) was born in Portland, Oregon, United States. He went through what he described as "a series of lousy jobs," including being an extra in the television movie When Every Day Was the Fourth of July,[24] busing tables,[25] washing dishes at a nursing home, clerking at the Hollywood Licorice Pizza record store, landscaping in a sewage treatment plant,[26] and chauffeuring and ghostwriting for a retired Western director. [85], Groening is known for his eclectic taste in music. The couple received twins in 2015 named Luna Margaret and India Mia. Illustrated commentary for ", Groening, Matt. Work is Hell soon followed, also published by Caplan. Nathaniel Popularity. In May 2013, Picasso gave birth to Nathaniel Philip Picasso Groening, named after writer Nathanael West. Since his childhood, Matt Groening has always inspired to become a writer. "[17] He served as the editor of the campus newspaper, The Cooper Point Journal, for which he also wrote articles and drew cartoons. [99] He has also donated to the Hollywood Women's Political Committee, which supports and campaigns for the Democratic Party. [14] From 1972[15] to 1977, Groening attended The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington,[16] a liberal arts school that he described as "a hippie college, with no grades or required classes, that drew every weirdo in the Northwest.